Design & Development // INAPAL PLÁSTICOS

Inapal Plasticos is specialist on design and development of composite parts, following special demands of its customers:
  • Semi structural parts where tight tolerances and high mechanical characteristics specially strength and stiffness, are required
  • Class A exterior painted body parts high demanding on surface quality standards
  • Product Design and Development Tools
  • “Styling”*
  • Alias Studio Tools 13.5, Catia V5 Sketch / Illustration, Adobe Photoshop CS2





"Static and dynamic FEM” *
  • Msc.Pastran, Msc.Nastram, Msc.Dytran, Msc.Adams, Msc.Marc, Altair Hyperworks, Ls Dyna, Radioss


“Virtual Reality”*
  • Infitec Technology (screen 6,7 m x 3,0 m), software Opticore Opus Realizer R11


“Reverse engineering”
  • Object digitalizing converted to CAD 3D virtual modelling “Clay Modelling”* Modelling and three dimensional CNC milling and finishing